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  Jiaxing ¡°Sanzhenzhai ¡± food, was founded in the Daoguang period, Qing Dynasty, this China Time-honored Brand has experienced over 160 years of history.
  It¡¯s located in a millennium cultural town ---Wuzhen, which is on the flatland among Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou of downstream of the Yangtze River Delta
  Wuzhen has a rich cultural heritage and a long tradition of food culture, ¡°Sanzhenzhai ¡±food is the wonder which was born right from this plain.
  The food produced by ¡°Sanzhenzhai ¡± has rich local characteristics, good material, unique formula, skilled manufacture, tradition and historic, especially the sauce brine of meat products.
  It owns a fame as a good present to literati, it is good look, tasted flavor, friable, un-fatty, and a unique characteristic of keeping un-metamorphism whether in summer or winter, it was praised as the ¡°King of Halogen¡±
  Until now, the ¡°Sanzhenzhai¡± shop which was over 100 years is still opening along the flourishing streets in the old town.
 The factory is over 10000©O , hold a high standard food processing plant of 35000©O, a cold storage of 5500 tons, multiple sets of advanced food processing equipment and pipeline, and over 500 employees, it grows up by the hard working of its generations.
The company has a complete quality management system. It has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and HACCP food safety control system official certification and QS certification of food safety market access, the qualification of agricultural export and become the prototype of the modern food processing enterprise-class local company.
    ¡°Sanzhenzhai¡± get the honor of well-known firm, agricultural enterprise in Zhejiang Province, agricultural science and technology enterprise by their own efforts and through all levels of government¡¯s support and encourage. Company¡¯s R & D center has been identified as the Zhejiang Science and Technology R & D Center.
¡°Sanzhenzhai¡± has been identified as the famous trademark of Zhejiang province and China's resounding brand, its products won several national and provincial quality agricultural Gold, ¡°excellent credit standing products ¡°and so on. In the 2006 assessment of China Academy of China Time-honored Brand enterprise intangible assets, ¡°Sanzhenzhai¡± Brand reached a value of 122 million Yuan. ¡°Sanzhenzhai¡± company ranked 64 in the Top 100 enterprises list of China Time-honored Brand among over 430 national companies.
  At present, the company mainly produces meat and poultry products, food products, fruit & vegetable products and their cans, remanufactured eggs and several other series products, on more than 100 varieties of products.
2012 annual production value of 320 million Yuan, sales of 330 million Yuan and exports worth $ 15 million, more than 30 million Yuan in profits and taxes
  Currently, the company's sales network has covered the whole country, three branches, a professional processing company of cans, hundreds of sales agents and wholesale outlets, products are sold to the United States, South Korea, the Middle East and other regions and countries.
In order to ensure and improve product quality, the company built 30,000 tons of pollution-free feed processing plants and more than 100 million poultry birds breeding base pollution locally, to provide consumers with nearly 1,000 tons of high-quality pollution-free meat and poultry products each year, currently under construction in produced 40,000 high-quality sheep breeding base and Xinjiang Tianshan tomato planting base.
  The company is confidently moving forward to subjects - engineering - agriculture ¨C trade integration, strive to become a well-known construction engaged in deep processing of agricultural products of modern food enterprise group, ¡°Sanzhenzhai¡±.
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